A developer / entrepreneurial Windows setup (Part 2)

This is the second post where I detail my current setup under Windows, as a comparison to my previous Ubuntu Linux one.


It’s been a while that I was looking for some good modelling software to draw pretty pictures both for my software development & for my business process mapping. Visio is expensive for sure, but with a student license it is free! Smile. Now I realise that means it’s not for everyone, but depending on the kind of job I will be doing, it might be worth the occasional couple of hundred £. It just makes UML modelling fun again, which goes a long way towards making my day a lot better.


I always loved the Gwibber client under Ubuntu and never managed to find anything similar under Windows, until DestroyTwitter. It’s exactly the same as Gwibber, with the difference of being purely based around Twitter (which is still a little bit of a pain, but better than nothing). I use it every day now and because it’s so lightweight, it’s a really good client to always have running.

Evernote Application & Plugins

I am getting so used to Evernote that I put more and more stuff in there. It has become my second brain and it’s really useful they have an official Windows client. On top of that, they have all sorts of plugins to easily store notes on any of my web browsing, which is enormously useful for future reference.


Under Ubuntu, I was using Revelation Password Manager and I needed an equivalent under Windows. Luckily there is a very good one (a better one than Revelation even) which is called “KeePassX”. It’s free to download and really does the job.

Microsoft Office & Outlook

One of the reasons of my switch was simply because I realised more and more of my time was spent with Open Office. Now I like Open Office a lot and I think it does a great job of providing a MS Office alternative. However, I still think MS Office is quite far ahead. As I am a student, I got a rebate on the price and am happy I went for it in the end. Put on top of that the way Outlook handles e-mail (compared to Thunderbird) and I must say I’m a lot more comfortable.


That was it for me. If you have any questions on how I made this switch, please feel free to ask !

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