Sony Xperia Z

A week ago, Vodafone convinced me to switch back to their contract (from Orange) and gave me a nice deal on the Sony Xperia Z. I have been with the phone for a couple of days now and am very happy with it. Here are the main points for me :

  • The screen is simply amazing. It blows any other screen I have seen out of the water (yes, that includes the iPhone 5). The clearness, colors & sharpness are simply beautiful.
  • The built quality is very good. It feels solid in the hand and is made of glass both front & back.
  • At first, I thought the 5-inch size was going to put me off, but after 2 days with it I was completely used to it and actually prefer it to my Galaxy Nexus.
  • The battery life is very good. It lasts even longer than my Galaxy Nexus, which is a lot to say.

The one thing I am really disappointed with is that they removed “Timescape” in favour of an applicatino called “Socialife”. Socialife is simply not ready for production. I have never seen an app with more bugs than this one and it should not have been allowed to ship with the Xperia. Other than that, I would recommend the phone to anyone that is on the lookout !

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